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Mr. Gately - Math

Mr. Gately loves music. He is married, with 2 children and 2 grandchildren. He graduated from UCLA and has his Masters Degree in Math Education. Mr. Gately enjoys developing instructional plans with his fellow math teachers. He's in his 28th year of teaching! (Yet he's so young!)


Mrs. Mumford - English

Mrs. Mumford loves cooking and camping. She is married, has 4 children, and two grandchildren. She graduated from CSUN, and she's a proud Army Mom. Not only is Mrs. Mumford a great teacher, she's is a wonderful mother. Mrs. Mumford is the leader of the Rancho Pico English department!

Mrs. Mumford's English Files


Mr. Ritchie - Science

Mr. Ritchie loves surfing! He graduated from Penn State University and came all the way to California just to teach at Rancho Pico. Mr. Ritchie is the team leader of the TrailBlazers.

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Mrs. Flohr - History

Mrs. Flohr loves gardening. She is married, has 3 children (one in the Marines), and more than a handful of grandchildren. She graduated from The Masters College in Santa Clarita. Mrs. Flohr is also the head of the Rancho Pico history department.


Levy Holm


Mrs. Levy Holm - Advisory / Art

Mrs. Levy Holm is possibly the most talented art teacher in Santa Clarita. She's always been one of our favorite team members. She studied in Italy and holds a Masters Degree in Art.